Intersectional Education and Religious Behaviors. #ThoughtBubbleGoesHere

October 28, 2019



There is a funny thing about people with smart mouths and bad attitudes who cannot see where they are or what they are doing. In addition to people who refuse to mix religion and education. It is imperative to mix religion and education where there are people who have been circumcised which is a Jewish religious tradition and as they grow up participating in society they do not realize the meaning or do not see they are being fought by cultures and religions that they want to participate in or claim without realizing that they will be fought against to a certain degree, unless they can couple it with education. You may have been given a signal that tells people you are unclean and share the information in the wrong way or do not realize when uneducated people will automatically group your appearance or the behavior. People who have been what I will call wrongfully circumcised or had this done to them due to illiteracy or lack of understanding on someone's part, confusion about geography, territory who has been taken over or what leader to listen to should make use of any education and literature that is provided to them. There are people who lack the understanding of who God is or what certain rituals signal and fight in the wrong direction. They would go the complete opposite way. There are arguments about compulsion. obligation and requirement. These dialogues are available because of people who fight for mixed faith and inter sectional education. The problem in my life is people with bad attitudes. Some people want to point out that I should focus on my own life and do no see that this is occurring because they do not understand consecutive order. There are also people who will over look a woman who has had permed hair because they cannot tell when their is a version of this that signals "well-taken care of" in the event of injury or family removal. Some people fight against mixed and intersectional because it takes away some form of abuse that they have been able to enact and call it a religious feature or proponent of education. Education will tell you that there are people who will trick you into religious rituals because they grew up with one television and have a behavior of trying to trick people out of the living room for television time or alone time to do substance abuse. Education mixed with religion and many other things would make kids who go to participate in childhood sports for this reason to do something else like leave the house and play in the sand or color. 

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