Your Television Habit Might Make You Think The Car Repo Man Isn't "Scarier Than The Military".

October 26, 2019


I should mention that mediated culture creates little and big monsters who fight for money, access, esteem and privilege that they cannot understand. There are people who do business and do not know the logistics and speak out of place or with the wrong people. There are people having conversations in public that take place in a room full of mobsters in a room where there are weapons, security, banks and a lot of affiliates that have been established before meeting. People are wanting to have reality television show conversations as if this doesn't include access into a catrillion dollar industry, cameras and security. People are establishing these types of scenarios in their homes, churches, schools because they cannot see the overall set up and then they act like they cannot comprehend why they are going to really be slapped the way they scheduled and with approval from people who protect them. There are people who do not understand contracts or paid participation because they participate in business and industry like spending money. They do not know how to count backwards. They are the same people who put themselves in danger making drug deals that cost them money and talk trash to people who know a bullet proof Cadillac is required for a ten dollar drug deal and mileage is already paid before the vehicle moves. This is not a bad way to explain the bigger picture. As a person who is a paid performer I know how to get paid and how to know when I have been treated fairly and not given anybody a "hook up" they do not deserve that I will at some point be addressed about. Yes, there are performers and managers who would be confused by someone who thinks that participating at an event that cost xyz amount of money is not considered being paid, it absolutely is. Performers and managers also know depending on skill set how to make calculations on site about how much they are being given, even if a planner does not understand that. There are multi-million dollar conversations happening because of people who watch gangster movies and then point out when real gangsters are talking. There are people who if they had never seen a movie of people speaking from the wrong angle would have never applied for a car loan. If you have ever seen the television shows about people repoing cars and chasing people around it is as crazy as it looks and some people are being advised that this is what is already happening to them or they are about to be chased down the street at the parking lot of their employment with everybody watching. I will laugh every time someone who knows I have an Interpersonal Communications degree and a minor in Media Studies asks me if I am going to frequently comment on television and film or the impact of advertising. Can I also mention I would be a fraud with a Women's Studies Master's if I did not have a copy of "Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashaur" on my own and know to ignore anyone who thinks I shouldn't panic about the potential of not having enough to purchase a fancy pen. A handbag is in my educational requirement, and people who do not realize they are about to get chased down the street by the person they keep sitting with and telling they do not have money for a car payment who also knows they do not ever get to work on time or pay anything on other loans they say they have would not understand this. I guess showing up with my books, my writings, my critique, my pens, and my real life attitude is the next level of impressing all those who poured into my education to see if I can make it as a fancy educated wife even if it came in the form of a mountain lion. I probably should not roar today and I should know how to budget for my significant other to have a bottle for him and his friends. There are people with degrees in accounting who should know to pay in exact change at the grocery store, they do not understand that me testing out how long one coat will last in smart. 


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