A Poem Titled Designed to Reproduce

October 24, 2019

Designed to Reproduce

You should have an ego’

Many people have learned not too

And yes I know to double check

For my test, about reality

Some of these people are army strong

They boast about losing their self-worth

As if it is a positive

They scream and shout it in places that should not even hear the message

There is a community worker who doesn’t realize he didn’t read his job description

The one that keeps the women and girls out of the rape rooms

He thinks it is fun to laugh and joke

I could see it in his eyes

He lost his concept of reality

And he convinces the women and girls I teach to see

What it is I taught them to do

I taught them to notice the person that doesn’t give the instruction

And they fought their way into rape rooms

They want to point to my educational debt

Of this I have none, student loan debt

Is not about dismissing the education it purchased

Yes I do

Feel obligated to

Announce that there is a lesson provided

To keep women and girls out the rape room

The one’s in their captivity

In their homes

And in the streets

They fought their way into the rape room

I provided more than an educated guess

They got mad when the man in charge

Kissed my forehead and helped me put on my vest

This is empowerment

I will not miss the applause

I cannot defend those who fought their way into the rape room

Because of who didn’t notice in their contract was a clause

Please do notice

All the help I have provided always

Yes I will walk with those who know

That I did things the right way

They have all the evidence that they fought their way into the rape room

After I showed them what road has been paved

Some have missed out on the education

They must die the way of the past

I know not to share my goods

With a person who will not last

I can also see when the wild

Have on a pair of shoes

They are being violent

But have barriers on their feet

The cluck and swing and are crazy

Sophisticated people would never see

They enter spaces like people who sewed their own shoes

Or went to work and the store to purchase these

There are wild things in shoes

Taking up too much space

They have enough energy to punch the coroner in the face

Those who support them

See that they have on garments

What they do not see

Is that they would kill you for no reason

They just have barriers on their feet

They barely speak, and blend in with conversations that are normal

When they speak it is because they can see the correct thing

However, sometimes they say “Hi”

And this is what they really mean…

“Get the fvck out of here, I do not like you. I would knock your head off but I have on this fvckin’ shoe. I am using more than curse words. Yes I rape and kill. I know understand I am naked in a t-shirt and jeans. Not all naked people are violent, I love that you do not notice when I am being mean. You have so many words, these people even let me stay in their house. I would kill you but I know not to let the words leave my mouth”

There are people naked

Because they have on the cycle of the humanitarians clothes

They did not earn them, but they came and rose

To what occasion

Some will never know

They often times speak out their mouth because they are starving

And do not realize for what they are attempting the need more than cereal

Let me also say that feminism

Does not mean every woman, every where

There are women who would bash feminism

Then want to work at the jobs they earned every where

Can you notice how some women fight in a dominated space

The ones who could care less about feminism

Silently arguing about who is prettier

When we need to finish these briefs to prove a case

They also fight for space

Even when biology is unknown

They are preparing for ovulation

And need food or to go home

They want the money, money and the cars

To live like stars too

They get violent for a cracker

Because their bodies reproduce

Most feminist will know

What they need to know before entering the space

I will never apologize for knowing not to misuse a sick day

I can also see the longevity

The purpose and even the make intended goal

There is enough food to eat here and money given to you

If you are here you should use your pay check

With the understanding that your body is designed to reproduce

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