A Poem Titled Pretty Girl Period.

October 23, 2019

Pretty Girl Period

There is an animal farmer who wants to point out something funny

Yes, your friends will say they do not know you

Because they are more interested in making money

They will say “Oh Hey Poster Girl” and clown you about things

Animal farmers would hire you as a consultant

If you find out they dissed you, you will do it as a funny thing

When they prefer to honor the slave code

You will point out every other avenue

And they will cry as they mold

There is something hilarious about someone who understands rotten food

And notices people eat mean and cannibalism is a real thing

You really are there friend; you are here in the area

To check if you are going to rot

They do not understand that but they know if they now listen to Poster Girl

She will end up in a cot

They cried tears, for the silly things they do

They are using the emancipation proclamation like you said because that is all they heard in school

They may have even taken a slave oath before entering or one after thinking that they are going to be free

They do not see they NEED to vote or the emancipator will ignore their attempts at being free

I lived through your life, without you evening knowing

Sat them near their abusers, when you taught them other places to keep going

I know a poster girl who will never pass up a billion dollar deal

I would offer you a dream job they think they had because I would no longer let them serve people a meal

There is someone laughing and they hope you understood

They screaming blood

They never read the chapter on a period or menstruation

They are your real life cuz’

They can’t understand how much more powerful you are

How proud I actually would be

There is an animal farmer smitten

By everything he could hear and one day see

They do not even realize to vote if they choose Abe’s Way

You would throw cash money in the air

And laugh in their face

They would not understand they are so far from free

That they have negated every opportunity and keep turning to me

I have told them I do not care for them in many ways

How do you not embrace the girl who helped the understand they are abandoned slaves

Can I also mention—that there are those around you who missed the call

They do not understand they are well kept—when the woman in other communities fall

You always do the right thing, while some others want to be divine

They would have been well kept, they turned into mules the entire time

You my dear are still being amazing and kept up like you should

They are mesmerized by dancing and went to men who are no good

Hey dear we love you, keep going

We ignore those divine rules

We are happy you went whatever is crazy instead of living like someone’s uneducated mule

They went to live like women who can’t read and must get knocked to the ground

When they already have enough education and common sense to know the answer is to just lay down

You learned a lesson about people having information about you true or false

You captured the heart of an animal farmer and he is happy you went off

No you do not have to sit like a woman who never left some man’s room

Or was helping to see if he was escaping from slavery

And met both of their doom

Just keep sweeping

We know you think it is fun

They should learn something

Like to buy dish soap, instead of be known as people who would leave their caregivers in scum

You are the only keeper, because you have a goal

There is an animal farmer who can notice something you see

Harriet Tubman used her words; you are a mime in reality

That is why know, you will not care about their words

You told them they are in slavery and they chose to say you have lumpy curves

We would laugh over dinner about how they do not have words like cellulite

Or understand where it comes from or that their bodies are unhealthy on animal farmer sight

You would have the power, to even get us to put them in strip clubs

Please continue to laugh at girls giving head for Dove

They think you swear all the time because they do not read

They cannot notice I am being beyond vulgar because of my words

These are the ones I have

They understand Vikings and Pirates way of being vulgar

No, is an automatic way to see that there is no interest from me

Dear Poster Girl, tell them we are laughing

The animal farmers are saying they wouldn’t even spit at them—they are not threat

They do not understand the insult

Losing you is what they will always regret

They scream Blood and they are abandoned

Dragged beyond the grave

We are in the middle of using land for burial grounds and how these days the decaying bodies will make the soil bad across the nation and even filter into the water, that’s why they also can’t go to a hospital room

They also aim to rob my money, after the numbers say they can afford what they were told

They rob the money and buy peanut chews, without you my ego would bruise

Yes, I will continue to make sure you have your favorite food

You spend “with” them where they are employed

If they cannot notice you have baller money, the fight that puts me in leaves me annoyed

Dear Poster Girl, you have been told in more than one way you are they winner

As soon as some of these abandoned ones drop dead, we are on for dinner

That is what keeps them alive, one day they hope and pray

To make it to the voting booth

Which means they are still talking shit in my face

Make it to the hair salon; buy the clothes that I said

They would have turned out fancy but they are peanut chews, left for dead

Notice pretty girl, smiling on a poster like you should

The negative stories they tell about your life are like a lace front the made by rubbing together wood

The comments are far from real

We hear them to this day

They did not read enough to notice we are scared of the bacteria that would come from their grave

Can I also mention they went the car and sneaker route

They did not even make it and have nothing but less than Goodwill handouts

They keep coming into your location complaining or saying things cost a lot

This is the place to use money and they should be embarrassed about it when they are not

They cannot even see the pun in your offer, which can also be an insult

It would be better to apply to be a participant in Special Olympics

Instead of wasting money on cell phones and checking for “clout”

They also do not notice school cost money and so does gas

You have early comprehension

That even if it is not a “parent”

Someone is paying for you to be in class

You hit your head on the rim of a trampoline at gymnastics and landed near abandons good enough to be employed

They do not hear the insult; someone else’s television they are watching is making noise

I want to know the lesson you learned and what caused the movement that made you bump your head

The people who care about you, are making sure you do not end up dead

Pretty Girl Tasha—I have known your name a long time

I would even pick you up in an emergency and see how afraid people are that police can’t be called

If they left you that long, I know the error is people thinking there is no period

When there was, there was an end to the conversation also

But they always continue that fight, you would never notice

I keep smart Tasha in my sight

What is it, that made you hit your head that day

“Okay, here goes, the thing I notice I do comes from being in a lunch line in elementary school

While in the spot in line where I should simply grab my food, I hold my lunch ticket up and read it

I also know the purpose, I make a mental deal, and from now on I’ll just grab my lunch and give the ticket not look at the ticket until I reach the place where I pay for my meal”

They brag about their moves and positions

Didn’t even get a call to get to see Nick Cannon

Do not comment when you see it Poster Girl

Whether they are cuz or blood

They are abandoned

You pretty girl—are loved

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