A Poem Titled "Crowned" for the Likes of Pageant Winners and Those Who Choose to Bear the Cross.

October 21, 2019



I wear a crown

It is from a pageant

I live a life around people

Who do not even know they have "it"

A pageant, that is

So they ignore when and where I win

I will not be sad about it

I am educated even when I keep it in

Its like people who spend money on vacation

When they need to simply clean the house

I do have an education, but I know there are fearless beings that wander about

I am skilled in the wilderness, when you want me to take a book out

There are some who claim arousal

What they will get after in causing them to excite

I would warn men about women-- who were girls exposed to having children

That is what the interest may be about

Some want me to share, my equivalent in this zone

I love to be the bio expert, in the yes I learned about this-- but I want to try it on my own

That is why I know how to heal wounds without bandages and sometimes I scar

Because I already understand that wounds can heal

I should probably put on lip gloss when I keep it real

That is my fix, I already have a crown

Let me dig deeper

Into something that my lived experience has found

I had someone scream to me

That they felt I was taking up too much space

They never learned to be themselves

And do not know how to discuss anything but weight

She was carrying her cross

I was teaching her, that here she can put it down

She wanted me out the way

So she could carrying her crown

She said Jesus is the answer

I said here we are aiming to figure out if there is a spelling error

That was supposed to say Zeus

She said please spit

Instead of understanding Dr. Seuss

I went to move

Because I understand Nicaea

This person celebrates Glory

Has if there is no such thing as Korea

I moved because I know there are people who do not name on the first day

I moved so they could carry the cross like Jesus and I noticed Judas Cough

I realized that it was my time and someone said “Peter Pop Off”

I here I come, here I go

Let me say what is on my mind

I see them carry the cross and Pop Off every time

They do not even know my birth name

Nor understand how to retrieve fish

They stand around with hot sauce

And do not understand that my temper and vulgarity

Is because I am well-fed of my own accomplish


Everything I said, challenged by everything I do

They said Peter

So I Popped off

Now They Scared That They Crowned Themselves Too

People who will never go to the lake

And see uneducated success

You are reading your way into my plate of fish and chips

Your robbery here is no good

Yes I will cut off your ears

You wandered into the wilderness using someone’s directions

That could get you killed

Jesus may have walked a mile

He has sandals when you have no shoes

The answer here is no that is why you feel abused

Can you understand redemption?

The act of saving o being saved

I have lived in the cross-fire

You cannot see when you are being played

I am not scared to walk through a shoot-out

To grab my book and happen to get knocked over

By someone running from bullets

And when I give good news

That means the war is actually over

Here they fight without calendars

No boxing ring in sight

I saw you get knocked over

Because here I dwell

You do not understand when I say I will turn a rock into a stone to build a wall

No I will not praise your crown, if your plan is to fall

Yes I will run back into the cross-fire

To grab my pen

No you cannot use it

I have survived shoot outs that have killed men

Yes I heard about love, but there is a militia where you plan to go

I showed you that there are guns on that battle field if you want to use fist, wait until they go home

Love comes and goes, love has not seen rain

No more cloudy days is not said in vain

Yes I can read, yes I can write

No you cannot go to the laundry mat if there are no quarters in sight

I heard them whisper to Peter

So I went ahead and Popped Off

Some do not know government

Or understand regulations and rules

There are dirty women attacking a hairstyle

Because they do not know I am here by salon rules

They tell stories as if

I am a 9 year old who went and bought a perm

They alter reality, I am a princess and they live as if I am a germ

I cannot use the word speak—language they have none

They want a crown, a cross and to spit

They get away with robbery by making people think I am sick

They have psychotic outbreaks

Because of something others may not know

They attack me because they are fighting violently for food and a home

They have robbed their way into shelter without knowing how to use it

Or what it is for

They live like caged animals

If it is in your eye sight you shouldn’t have to ask what it is for

That is the first indicator of fraudulent

The psychotic outbreaks are real

From having sexual experiences in bedrooms with covers when their bodies aren’t prepared that way and they cannot heal

They should be outdoors and would know not to wear their clothes

They are psychotic

They copied something they saw on tv or experienced an assault without knowing

Pretend to walk around glowing

I live my life understanding but knowing when to not focus on other's cost

Here they call me Peter

Yes, I just Popped Off






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