A Poem Titled This Is My Barbie

October 19, 2019

That Is My Barbie

This is poetry about how someone told me I had crust in my eyes

They were looking at me wake up in the middle of the bed I was sleeping in

The one in my great grandmother’s home, they had limited ability to see

That I had crust in my eyes because of the juice from the collard green I had eaten before I went to sleep

There was someone who wanted to leave from me

They cleaved to me as they got dragged away

Please excuse the crust in my eyes, as you wake me up in the bed I was put in to lay

Yes, I do belong here and the items you see belong to me

There are not containers here; you have to ask my great-grandmother for greens

Please excuse my cough, there is no Lysol here

That is why I have a hard time understanding sickness that develop from sick people who appear

I am overall happy and healthy

I have no qualms about those who wish to disappear

This is my great-grandmothers home and yes the magic that is mine, from you will disappear

Please notice that when you are told to leave

I will jump on my great-grandmothers bed

There is no longer crust in my eyes

You had a chance to sleep next to me in my life; no I never heard what you said

Can you please get out my environment asking questions about why I have 2 inch heel shoes?

No I do not understand why you would have the blues

If you chose correctly

We would simply shuck and jive

We would live out our days happily

I am not the one who died

Some people need to hear negativity

They do not understand

Please excuse my doll babies that a guest had in their hand

Yes this comes from me and those in my life who provide

I learned to wash up when company leaves and realize they bring germs that need to die

I also know the difference between family, friends, peers and strangers who we are kind to passing by

Family can stay through any situation or circumstance, death, disease and the like

My peer group is learning about living

My friends we ride or die

We most likely have on something familiar

Red t-shirts go with Airmax too

I had strangers who never took their chance to turn into peers, friends and family too

So when they are dying, I now have to sit and look

I also have to show them, that if they meet me they will be shook

I am who I am

No matter what you say

I have on two inch heels

I am also holding a plate

There seems to be confusion

I was told to tell a story that rhymes

There are people who cannot read thoroughly

And forget to clap at clapping time

There are drums and messages for people

Who cannot understand any other way

Sometimes they fail to listen

Because they copy those who have paved another way

I do, do hood forensics

People do detective work before the words are their to say

There are a couple of bodies I found before they died

I removed the problem area but they fought for it to thrive

They now lay and think they are living

Because breath still appears from their lungs

They haven't even been given permission to hear from the drums

I have a family and there is something growing up in buildings or indoors makes people fail to see

Some people connect because they live in a household even though they are living separately

Not even existing to a person they may stay around for years

My family exist in this paradigm without buildings there is not fear

There are people who will sit, because walls make them know that so and so is in the next room

My family sits together in the wilderness, copy cats of this are doomed

Someone tried to kick me out, of my great-grandmothers bed

They are all still strangers

No cornbread for you is what I said

There is something I should mention

That they also see

They cannot comprehend decision making

There's is bad in reality

They left me out of wanting sympathy for disease and starvation

They did not make it to spaghetti, that is a radical conversation

They notice I have dollars, when most people have none

They brag when they have more from working

When work, I have done "none"

If I had a quarter I would ask how to invest two cents into Forbes

They do not understand when I say

Yes I will take pajamas and flip flops at the moment over Gucci and Micheal Kors

Let me keep going about what I would also want to do

I would want to fight without weapons where the government send the military to war

Yes, i will not mind, if someone steps in

But I would want to know I made it to "beat the brakes" off of "them"

Whoever is them and where ever they think they are

I have proved I would beat you with my hands where grown men would use weapons and cars

I am not opposed to sniping

But I would like permission to search for mango's in a tree

This is a privilege I have earned and maybe to others it looks like poverty

This is my birth right to run free in whatever is the wild

And now to get back home in time for a smile

I can beat up men, who would be shot with weapons from a far

Please excuse my climbing shoes while you sit in heels in cars pretending to be stars

I am on a journey

I am happy to see

That Is My Barbie you are playing with while I climb up this tree

I had to teach a few people about an insult they do not see

When people they have given contributions too do not realize they are the reason that they breath

I still contribute and I learned to do it my way

Your life would be filled with raindrops

I am a reason you have a place to stay

Go outside and see

What it is you chose in life

This person died of rainy days

If my contribution is all they survived from in life

I also notice that people cannot see person-hood

They have no identity and ask questions that are no good

People who get up, when they do not know what to do

And irritate experts, yes pass the tissues

I am annoyed in the process of group formations even when I rule

I climb trees but I still own Barbies

That is my type of attitude

I also have the strength of climbing

I said put my Barbie down

I have two inch heels and a plate in my hand

I invest two cents into Forbes

I choose pajamas at the moment, when you do not realize those are things you cannot afford

I would knock you down with a Birkin bag, but I am doing business and there is something that I learned

Imagine being in a world where a conversation exist about the pajamas that you wear

While you are paying attention to investments like the Forbes list

Someone keeps talking about my pajamas

I put money in my projects every day

I would hit you with a Birkin

But from city to city and from coast to coast

They will brag about a special delivery

And help me do a roast-- there could be a toast

But I know to keep a plate in my hand

This is what I learned during my two cent investment

There is a message about my pajamas coming from "your man"

Please notice what I did with my quarter

And why I will laugh all the way

This Is My Barbie, from my blow horn I say you can play with it still

I hate a lot of collards, you can't even understand the insult in the greens

I hope you had fun, my toy box is open to you

I guess I have to close it now

Because you declined the 8 cents I saved for you

I had a quarter and you had $100 to spend

I put two cents into Forbes, you hid from buying dish detergent and bought for people who already went in

They laughed at the group of people you belong to, before they knew you were included with them

They said mean things before you got their and clowned you for losing your friend

I start with my two cents investment

Yes you can play with my Barbie still

I hope you understand there is no longer 8 cents for you

I put it towards a bill

No, it isn't really mine

But I thought it was a cool thing to do

You keep laughing at my bus pass because I budgeted where "mommy still pays for you"

I can get a ride or to where I need to be

I keep using my money for a bus pass where a car would be purchased for me

Yes I play with Barbies, but I like to find mangoes on trees

I would hit you with a Birkin

But I learned how to play a game where pennies come in 3's

Once again my plate is full of hummus, avocados, strawberries too

This is not a money issue, this is me eating healthy food

I could have bought a Birkin

But I know strawberries do the body good
If I ever get stuck in a tree, I would survive when no one else would

I am happy when others pretend to be

They chose insults over me

Yes that is my Barbie, even if you see me climbing a tree

There is soap in my house, I shower all the time

There are people with mandatory shower requirements competing with mine

The ones that happen all the time, or when they happen too

I learned to take tired from climbing tree showers because it makes laundry less expensive from YOU

I would say you, but then let's use your method too

I learned it from your employment requirement-- this is the trash talk YOU do

So now we can see something funny about everything I do

I chose pajamas over Birkin

And smiled about my quarter when you laughed holding $100 bills

I invested two cents in to Forbes, while you pretend you can't buy detergent still



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