What Happens When You Clean Up the House After a Good Shower.

October 18, 2019


I drafted an activity based on something I was realizing within my life. Not everyone reads and has access to things that I think ALL people are using or having something like unlimited access to. As I have stated, I learned about people who do phenomenal things and experience a death of some sort that may involve weapons, governments, communities, theaters, hotels, car rides, etc, etc,etc. It made me think of how I hear about these people and their stories. From recorded data of others—and typically after the fact, it is actually important to listen to the story of the person to see what the scene that is being constructed is. Sometimes people listen in the wrong direction. There is a version of ourselves that has died already and we still carry out our business through this identity or is in line to die in some capacity. I have come to the conclusion that I have been killed as the person in me that would be “Ann Frank”. If you have read her diary you can get the overall synopsis of the existence I can notice being destroyed or having already been destroyed to some capacity that participants would stick around for anyone to notice only because they see things in the media, this includes books. They tend to stick around longer when they didn’t actually read things through. Here is the draft of the activity I designed to do some introspection.

  1. Set a new goal you want to accomplish every Saturday. Notice that everything that occurs is you and the universe putting into motion everything to make your goal happen. Resist making judgement calls.

  2. Think of who is a person who has passed away that has inspired you that you may have learned about in history class or from reading a book. That version of the person you are will be completely assassinated after completing question 4.

    1. Who is the person?

    2. What do you know about them and under what circumstances did they pass away?

  3. Write a list of your past accomplishments.

    1. Who is a person in your life that you have sat in the same room with at least once that you would be interested in partnering on something with secretly and why?

    2. Who is a famous person/celebrity who has been televised that you would be interested in partnering on something with secretly and why?

  4. For this step you will be cleaning! Identify a room, corner/area or indicate to yourself that you want to clean the entire house. Do a mental and physical stretch to prepare.

    1. Now before you get started take a shower and moisturize your body. What soap/ shower gel is your favorite—use that one. The same goes for your lotion. Wash your hair also. Use a towel that is attractive to you. One that you would want to have on if someone you have a major crush on happened to bump into you while in it. Maybe this is when you use your robe you never use. Get dressed in an outfit that you would wear to go out the door somewhere when you want to look your best. You might even want to do your hair and add make up. Can this outfit be worn with sneakers, flats and heels?

    2. Now gather whatever supplies you need to clean the area you have decided to clean. Look at the area. How do your shower and outfit make you feel about the area in this state? What type of critique would you offer to the person who let this mess occur about cleaning and keeping orderly? Is there a missing place mat in the kitchen? Are there items in the area that need to be used or discarded? Does your outfit make you wish you had a new mop? Clean as much as you feel good with cleaning. Does preparing to clean after a fresh shower and being fully dressed make you feel like you want to “hire someone to clean the gutters”? Take your time and aim to clean the space in its entirety. Yes, a dry paper towel or towel from your linen closet can be used for dusting. You also do not need Pledge Wood Cleaner for dusting. Having and using some is not a problem. Do you think you should use gloves? If you think you should, you should probably also have closed toe shoes or socks on. Both can be useful.


*This might be a good thing to do to fulfill that “cleanliness is next to godliness” requirement for all the people who skip Bible study and live like people who read the Bible but never do. My sarcastic joke. You can also play your favorite music or turn the volume up on The Real while doing this. 





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