Yes, Really I Want to be A Lifestyle Coach.

October 15, 2019



I am a person with notice about societal ailments and occurrences of what drugs and the impact of illiteracy has done to communities and families. Mobs of people who do not understand what they are experiencing will not deter me from my opportunities. Yes I am still at Disney World and living the level of my life even if people with false information continue to make incorrect decisions. No kids who take all my snacks and resources will not care if people cut themselves off from those blessings. I live a lifestyle where I am still not interested in having conversations about bath time from people who grew up without a sink. I am thinking of a ways to start building my skill set for becoming a lifestyle coach. My first step is going to create a She’s A B.O.S.S. Lifestyle Coach program/workbook to pilot with a demographic of people who I am already in the loop with and can recognize my strength areas within the piloting activity. One of the things I have begun to think about in my own life is the way I use abbreviations—I made a funny statement about how “TV” might be someone’s spelling error or inability to articulate the entire word television. I am thinking of how many times I may have fallen into the trap of other people’s situations. If I were to do a She’s A B.O.S.S. Lifestyle Coaching Program I identified three factors that I would want my participants to acknowledge, understand and address within themselves and their subconscious behaviors. Here are three issues I would identify:

  1. Industrial Problem: We do not “move” because there is a “lock on the door”. Often find ourselves in danger and sit through it because it is something we can handle or do not notice. We may have delayed action and be responsive but not preventative and give off a sense of aloofness when we are not. We may open the door because someone knocked on it. (Anyone who would need any further messaging in this statement would not be good for piloting).

  2. Personal Problem: We do what we do not like to do often but happen to be good at it, the first indicator is we may be interested in the work or type of work but we are in a location identified by others. This may be a social conditioning from school schedules, not buying our own supplies and resources or identifying which ones we would want to use at a specified time, we have anger issues from lunch being at 10:31am and we may not use the resources right in our face because we have Doctors’ appointments. That might even mean we miss out on the “privacy” factor of using the “school nurse”. These are developmental and habitual behaviors that can embed within our psychology and decision making.

  3. Professional Problem: We know what the “handbook” says without reading it. We fail to read or use the “hour” the way a handbook reader would when our supervisors or sponsors need that type of behavior. We have energy or ideas and want to turn in proposals at a timing that puts others in danger. There should be comprehension of the reading material and we would probably just sit and listen more often at particular time frames. We also will then not offer compliments or critical feedback that someone, even at a higher level, are interested in hearing from us or do not use updated lingo, phrases and terminology that have been updated in the “handbook” or industry/field you are in. Then we may become argumentative in an “absolute” territory. You may also lose your “role” , even with your ability to create empires, and be replaced or overtaken by someone who has the ability to read, knows there is a budget and keeps their aesthetic in place. They can read the handbook and articulate with a high impact behavior. The one where there is no interruption and the focus is the “read and point”. We may fail to be competitive in the area where there are people who are there because they can read the handbook and present the PowerPoint.

As I am typing this coffee dripped onto my shirt, I would want to go home and change. Learning to sit through things like this is imperative. Noticing that my jean jacket can be buttoned up and look like a shirt is also something to notice. Now I do not have the stress and anxiety of someone making an internal or external comment about a coffee stain while I am accomplishing the “million man march” paradigm. I am also interested including something at the forefront that expresses “stable data”.  That information initially programmed in my brain that will have me dressed for the role of being at the gala in the middle of “war” time. Yes I always have heels on when it is time for the “after 3pm fight on the playground”. There are also things in our life that sometimes derail us, with or without intention. However, if someone notices an opportunity from derailing you—they may notice to use their one pair of heels and have learned from you how to wear a blazer with some jeans and really “grab your big presentation” on the go. There are also may be essential indicators of success that we overlook. For instance I know I have one more mani and pedi for the season and to close out I will go back to the nail salon for a polish change in the color of clear. Shea butter all winter is impressive after that. Be the person who knows to let “your people” notice that you go back to the salon for the nail polish removal and the clear polish. That indicates that you understand the overall purpose, regardless of why you may or initially may participate. There are people who do not realize what things like an “editorial calendar” are and what they should spark/produce. Sharing, building and creating is vital—there are natural edits in the works. There should be some continuation or product that becomes visual overtime. This does include transitioning from tightening up schedules and routines that make me billions or get me lots of new opportunities and strengthening the routine that will get me the cuddles and booty rubs I really do want, amidst the public presentations. I have learned to notice some of what I have been expected to do and ways to develop as a “younger” individual. I am always “somebody’s somebody or something”. I’m sure that I had to build a skill to be able to survive around girls/woman who grew up sleeping with covers in the corner, no bathroom privileges—until later in life and no comprehension of restaurants or dinner.  Yes I cry internal tears knowing I have people in my life sending me signals about whether or not I am going to let my “happy meal as a kid” behavior let someone get that venue before you. I have learned to skip on the red bottoms or expensive shoes that are nice and know now when the time comes to really go on ahead and get the diamond studded heel to wear with my jeans. Pardon me for what happens when I do not control the schedule or location and have psychologically catered to this expectation. Yes, when I purchase I purchase with 3 locations and multiple things that can be happening at each in mind. As in can I “sing, dance, pass someone hot sauce, carry something from the car, count money and look cute” in these shoes.

For the She’s A B.O.S.S. Lifestyle Coaching I would probably have participants start by doing two things—creating a Success Team that includes five people and buying a sweat suit. I would have a rubric and guidelines for the Success Team who would be participating in ways slightly unknown to whoever would participate. They would probably have to choose one Success Team member to show their sweat suit, wear the sweat suit to lunch with or go shopping for the sweat suit with. If I were to participate I would probably need a Success Team member that would remind me that I already have shoes to wear with whatever sweat suit I would purchase, because buy shoes is what I would do next, and then learn how to program that money into my lifestyle budget and see how much I would accumulate overtime. #TheseAreTheThoughtsOfMyMind

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