A Truth: When Catcalling Is Funny & When It Is Not. #AndSmartRemarksAboutAFewofMyMaleCrushes

October 8, 2019

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Okay so basically in certain spaces and parts of society there is discussion about “catcalling” and whether it is problematic. Some of this is regards to the advancements made in society through language and location compositions that allow female bodies/women to understand what the catcall is about. Many people do not understand that the catcall is sexual in nature. Some people also develop the misunderstanding that catcalls are not appropriate in some situations and locations. There are signals that have been developed to address the overall interaction. There are people who get information and confuse or misuse the discussion piece. A cat call is defined as making a whistle, shout or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by, further exploring commentary about the woman’s body as a whole or certain feature. Some of this is a compliment. It is important to give agency and allow both parties to have a preference in the way that they choose to interact. The important part is to understand the response. A no is a no or walking away is a signal that there is no interest. In some areas there is a clear understanding that long skirts or jeans worn by a woman is showcasing that there is no immediate interest or that catcalling in particular manner is inappropriate in this case. In this scenario you should probably say Hello or ask for a number to see how far the interaction goes. However, no in these instances still means no but some women can see the danger and how a person with technological devices has a higher likelihood to find the woman or search for her outright or psychologically. The behaviors of feeling rejected can be highly problematic.  There are spaces designed for people to get to know each other and then there are places where eye contact leads people to hold hands and walk away together and spend time with each other in public or private spaces.


Biological terminology is sometimes questioned which is why there are spaces in society that have boundaries for particular discussions and access to them. There are people who aim to use what would be listed as bullet points or particulars of a relationship or interaction to dismiss the actual word or proper definition. I laugh because I know somewhere in my life I probably have a “girlfriend” and no comprehension of it. There is also something that I wanted to address about how some people fall into mediocrity or do not make personal advancements and the reason why being because of how they can outperform others due to their ailments or limited access. This shows that the person has a particular behavior, attitude, thought process, or apathy that can be damaging to the overall growth, sustainability and creation of happy, healthy productive atmospheres. It is like the moment a person should know how to buy Remy bottles and why and that where they exist wine is like coffee. I remember one of my Uncle’s wearing FUBU which is why I read books by Daymond John. We are all in the midst of natural and formal expressions of living. The part of society where it is sexy to play around in your man’s white button up and tie and irritate him, when the signals say go for it. It is also working through that awkward part of society where you understand you can have a crush on someone without knowing their first name but you are so used to hearing people’s names called or sharing them that you almost miss out on your life. I personally laugh knowing that my excitement when I hear Diddy is on Forbes is a real one from my actual lived experience and understanding. I can also understand the conflicts that women face when they have men that are public figures and how women flirt with them when they can assess their personality and interest from viewing them—. I am still working on not showing up to Atlanta to peek over a piano and sing songs to Stevie Jay #ChocolatesIncluded. I am the annoying person who thinks a good ‘come on” to Lebron James is to offer free laundry services and wash his socks out nightly by hand. There is this other dude “he who should not be named” #LordVoldemort #JustKidding, who I would probably try to flirt with by seeing if he would live with me in a two bedroom apartment, with ten kids and let me give him shape-ups. My funny #catcalls for the day. #TheGirlWhoHidesInYourGymBag

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