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October 8, 2019


I'm sitting here mapping out the content for my Girls X_Clusive Middle School Packet. The idea stems from the Do It Yourself motto and summer packets that would get sent home from school. The first activity is going to be a free write title "If I Had A Billion Dollars". Here's the thing-- I'm like do I do this free write like a silent activity, a writers group where they can re-organize and share or something that they can turn in and receive some type of assessment that creates a pipeline or pathway for further participation based on what they write about. Should I get a panel that includes a educator, community member, psychologist, attorney, guidance counselor that reviews the free write-- and then helps match these young women to mentors or even job opportunities that can come from the completion of the program. The packet will also include stories-- some of the framework is inspired by a book I read that I cannot remember the author but he wrote stories and had critical reflection questions for young men to answer. If I recall correctly the author had been to jail and seemingly wanted to share some wisdom and insight-- and allow room for readers to develop their decision making. I am reflecting on some of my own personal annoyances-- like the girl who gets argued with or annoyed because people around her do not realize that she completes her work in the same manner that she takes a test and receives an A on it. There are people taking the same test and do not realize that they experience a pro-longed situation because they received a B or lower. They do not understand completion or even the behavior of a person who decides to do something next not only with the information but with the bracket that is comprehended. If you spend time reading a textbook, you will notice that an entire lifetime can be expressed ad thoroughly explained in a paragraph. I am also wondering if I should include a cross word puzzle that include the term Thot and questions for discussion after the cross word puzzle. I want the content to definitely be fluid and free flowing but I understand wanting the material to be approved as something that can be consumed by "students" in the educational system. There are clear indicators of understanding and points of access. There may be a person who does the cross word puzzle who realizes they are being bullied, or that they might need to see a health practitioner-- that can be the school nurse when I as a creator understand to aim to meet a universal standard across the board. Is this something a young woman can hand to their Sunday School teacher or something that will impress their Dance instructor? I am also working in small editions to think of what would be the ideal content that would bridge what would be a first edition and a thirteenth edition. How can I develop and dissect the information as I go along in the process of creation to create a medium. Is this something that I also would want feedback on. Personally, I would probably say no. As a person who has served on committees, done grant writing, proposals-- etc I am understanding that I should probably learn how to take commentary on where my "attitudes" exist. Honestly to strengthen it, but also provide space for content that should derive from other people's attitudes per say. Thoughts that come from girls who are still mad that their boyfriend let me cut them in the sandwich line in high school and the reaction I would have if she said something is to probably go buy some hot wings or eat later at home.  As a person who has done Myers Briggs assessments I can see the fun, the comedy, the point, the need for some of these explorations to be available. As I create I remember to ignore commentary of people who are still filling in blanks while I am writing manuscripts. Their commentary is more than annoying. And yes I can see when it is importnant to exclude or include once you get into a certain academic or business related space. 

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