A Soliloquy: Life Before Containers, Coffee Cups, Mugs With Handles Made By Hallmark and the Trauma People Experience From Action Based Thank You's.

October 7, 2019


I have been working on something I call strengthening my industrial fundamentals. Also recognizing that it is not my fault that computer classes are included in the industrial structure of my life; it is ironic to me that I am being challenged for my ability to type quickly and efficiently by people who think they have some special power for going to a particular school for that skill. No, I am not aware that they would want to kill me because they can see I am a threat to their job. I also cannot control that people do not realize that they are the cause of my birth. As in I came through a birth canal due to a behavior that was occurring before I got here. There are people in the world helping high functioning people get in trouble for simply being born. I have adults in my life who have been teaching me to stay out of a birth canal because they learned about something called “crabs”. This behavior can make me look like I did something horrible, but the opportunities I miss from people who would think that are important to miss. They do not have the level of functionality for my existence. I do have tears stuck in my tear ducks and hugs that have never been given because I have existed like something that walks on all fours in the jungle in my lifetime. I’ve been taught as an adult that I was loved in the Lion’s Den, but the high exposure of the low level comprehension of some men showed enemies that the lion would die. I was loved in a lion’s den but they knew death was coming even before I could leave the house on my own. I had an angel with me for the majority of my life. I am sure to be quieter than I think, so that the enemies of my children will not be alerted that I do not understand the correlation between high performance on state exams and bath time. Sometimes my "industrial" seem a little off due to what I always identify as “other”.  I took computer classes so I know how to speak over a screen, where I would most likely just leave lipstick kisses on the collar of the one I love. Please do not fret about me; I have lived on all fours on a jungle with an angel in the Lion’s den. I am more than aware that there are parents who have openly told me they do not want their children and I have done more than enough but they somehow have gotten caught up in other people's commercials. They often cannot notice what is happening because before they were born I was chosen and well kept by many. I am sleeping while they are doing something awkward to their family members like wanting to purchase things. I always have what I would provide, even if something is making them choose people who have clearly ignore them. I am that "responsible" party that is going to ignore the tantrum where some people attempt to put me in their peer group. All the people who love me have climbed into my "den" to tell me not to run out and save certain kinfolk. They fail to see the way a beast saves, because they are watching other people when they are awake, attacked, working or acting. I am the only safe person and there is something that will become funny to me about people who have an open invite to everything they want and need and end up without it. 


I had an interaction with this guy who has no clue how to use words and phrases in the proper context. I also had to learn from experience that his vehicle is an indicator that his driving is an abstention of riding in the backseat of his mother’s car. His existence has not developed beyond that.  He should have a truck or ride the bus. His identity has grown through the backseat of other people’s cars. My interaction with him helped me solve my own “car ride syndrome”. I have experienced car rides from city to city from a young age and interact with people who have never been in a moving vehicle. The length of the annoyances, disturbances, misunderstandings, interactions and so forth are from sitting in or sleeping through traffic while other people are driving. I have most likely not interacted with many people outside of that time frame. Sometimes I am simply sleeping through other people’s traffic. The problem is the person who does that is pretty—but she doesn’t buy her own stuff. I often sit around people who fight tooth and nail for essential items and jeans. I have an irritation where my family teaches me that I have a new Coach bag where I am simply breathing. In that case, I do know how hard it is to fight for tank tops and jeans—please excuse me while I reflect on my “jelly sandals and skorts”. I do know how hard it is to fight for tank tops and jeans. I also know that I should probably get some new hoop earrings—because I have money. Someone would send them to me, but I’ll probably get something better for showing responsibility. And when I am caught in that backseat car ride traffic—I will be irritated by people who want to know why using my “money” to pick up items other people would be purchasing for me is impressive. My entire existence about going to school or work is at a high level of No. I have earned things and the way I get resources is impressive. There are people around me with money from employment who beg—they cannot see the overall experience they are having.  Or that something better would come if they showcased a better behavior. These are people who secretly read my blog post and want it to be too long or uninteresting. They also don’t realize that my philosophy on pennies makes sense. I focus on pennies to strengthen my overall understanding of incremental value, increase and deductions; in addition to reducing waste and overuse of resources.  I can feel in my spirit that someone’s other half is challenging me on the usage of semi-colons. Today while doing some writing in my journal I used a gold pen with a pink feather— #Quill. Any shadow in my life is where other people have carried me, mostly into spaces that they cannot reach. Have you ever been a part of a group of people who know how—or that it is time to remedy their own problems. I have also learned how to decipher through previous plans that should no longer occur because they are only beneficial when someone is disregarded. Some people may challenge my underwear—they wouldn’t come in my size if they weren’t for me. Yes attractive underwear is important—my identity isn’t forming from the backseat of someone’s car, although I understand how to exist there.  I have a son and know how to explain that population control and development has regulated other people’s sexual identity. There is a quote that I like that states “By nature laws are usually retro-active and typically respond to a problem after it has occurred.” I guess this is the point where someone argues about why I don’t have to cite the resources in this post. Sometimes I do—but for this quote I do not have the exact location in which I read it written down. The only reason my heart cries is because I can see the results of collecting stories, telling stories and sharing stories appropriately. I do this with lots of people and I can very clearly see who is getting left out on micro and macro societal levels. I have been pulled up and out of many arrangements from men who cannot even receive the benefits of my good graces and have a tight grip on something in particular because I can properly see the vision. I am noticing when people say things like “we didn’t make it” and do not realize what that means or how they have cut themselves off from what could help them in all honesty. It really is the annoying thing of constantly being discussed for being “born”. Also watching entrepreneurial men with great ideas being cut off from society because they discuss the equivalent of being angered about things like what a person does while they are being born. They boldly state that it is ridiculous that this person pushed their way out of the birth canal at the exact moment that someone would hand them a big check for understanding Immaculate Conception where they should. I have seen men and children robbed. I have seen women protect other species and not understand that milk from utters cause a war that one may not notice. I also know that there is a separation between me and stories that will be told about people who are cited as having complained about how someone sat next to them. I guess I will also spend the rest of the day laughing about how people share stories about how my arm could have been broken—I understand that life teaches us about danger and everything we experience is about the strength we have to endure what exist within the environment in which a birth canal pushed us out into. I have seen people question if I really write this well because writing without mediation and technological copy sounds like Socrates, Shakespeare and scriptures from the bible. I do laugh often. I am working on curriculum's and workbooks for many people who enjoy what I do and they often give me money for sushi at every point in time that I would create something for people I am not paying attention to the fact that have left me out in regards to those things—but I can see where and how they would need them. I have people who make sure that I have nail appointments and mandatory shopping trips at those appointed times. I send them messages like a person who took computer classes in high school to remind them that I’m some type of beauty and I hope they do not interfere with my fun plans for a beast. My jokes and innuendos are understood and categorized. There are people who have been swindled by children and people who have watched television or had access to visual entities that make them have goals that cause them to behave in a way that is hurtful in the end. There are beings that have existed on earth without schooling and experience love and excitement only to realize it is because of some ulterior motive. People who have given way to much love and attention back in a way that cause them to hide their faces once they realized they have been robbed. There are men who get robbed by their women not knowing that panties that say Love or Pink are important. Also people who do not notice that I have taken my time with earning diamonds because of what I have learned about the way they are retrieved. That doesn't mean eventually I won't wear them-- by the time I do I will have a proper understanding and pathway for sustainable living. There are people wondering why some individuals cannot understand a small occurrence in the larger fabric of life. There are literally some people who only see me when I am "pretty". I am usually somewhere being a high achiever. #Increments

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