If You See This, You Should Probably Wash & Oil Your Hair TODAY! #Overnight

October 4, 2019


Nothing worse than being a person born into the world and aiming to navigate it successfully around people whose robberies and fights your birth has interrupted. There is also nothing more annoying that being a person who has to engage with access to particular things via other people's stolen items. Some people know an item is stolen because of where it shows up. There are amazing young people who cannot understand that they really aren't able to participate in certain things and are causing major interruptions even if they are well meaning. Or they may have been given access and showcased an in ability to keep up in a particular environment. I am often monitoring my reactions when people remind me that I am the person who had a name belt, two to be exact and one of them was the electronic one that you could input a certain amount of characters into to say your name or some other phrase #ImCoolLikeThat. I am also realizing that there are people, including myself being targeted in a specific way from people watching films and television shows. It's like automatically knowing the potential of the size of someone's house, how much money they make or what type of items they may have from seeing into "their" home via a television show. Some people do not realize that they are under attack that way or that they have made a decision about something they know is most likely apart of another person's lifestyle and completely overstepped a boundary. The person may get into a particular space and even have items or a little knowledge but not really know what to do and irritates a person and a particular space. It's like people who are walking around with a spatula and do not realize that they need to go make some pancakes or put it back in the drawer. I have an adverse affect from television watching where I sometimes will interact with someone or something that I do not understand is in extreme poverty. Or I will want to spend my money in a way because I can see a Subway sandwich-- so instead of buying lunch mean and $20 lip gloss I get the $8 lip gloss and eat at Subway. I'm know realizing I should use that $10 Subway money to get enough lunch meat and bread for a week or multiple people. I also notice some of my poor decision making can cause unnecessary contact with people who I would barely bump into. I love the things I am discovering while decluttering and practicing minimalism. A funny thing is my wardrobe is becoming a lot more "shiny". Mostly because I am thinking in a way that makes my decisions as if I only would have this one particular item. I am also paying attention to how to mix things in my routine. I decided that since I am using peppermint body wash-- that I should use the lotion and spray all at the same time #BeforeBed and then even put a little of the scented lotion I like over it. Not only that I used peppermint oil in my hair and put a shower cap and head scarf on it to overnight it. I am realizing that some of the daily routines that are not of my own fruition may be causing my hair to dry out unnecessarily or because I am taking on the identity of someone else's hair style behavior I have not developed my own. I also know that this peppermint treatment is something that should be completed and NO-- coconut milk does not go on my hair or body during the process. This is where some people make mistakes-- not realizing what goes together-- where, when and why. I also notice that some people are focusing on price rather than the product they need-- or the level of quality they need it at for something in particular. It's funny to see that there are people who wonder why I can afford a Gucci bag or why someone would buy me things like that. It's like asking why someone in your class has $110 pair of sneakers and someone else does not. I am also amazed to see how attendance really interrupts the natural flow of people's lives. Some people do not realize who they are actually connected to and add to many people to their lifestyle schedule or routine. I have also had an experience where people challenge me because of attendance from the school day or not understanding large group formations. In classrooms an instructor is not speaking to you unless they call you by name or speak to you after class. If you are in a class, church, workshop, etc the point is to listen to the information. Your opinion about how well it was presented or how you feel about the instructor is completely separate from whether or not the INFO is correct. I know a lot of people who need to be corrected they are looking for socialization or group formations but didn't learn how to use recess. Some people do not even realize that teachers, preachers, other students or attendee's are actually not speaking to them. Either way some people have a problem with the fact that they should be learning and digesting information alone. They metaphorically walk through life asking why a person in is having an A on a test when they are having a D+. A lot of people are veering off after they have already been taught that 1+6=7. They keep living as if the answer is 4 and do not understand what failure is because they wouldn't know how to eat without cooking. 

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