A Rant: When You are Happy to Not Make the Cut. #PsychologicallyUncircumcised

September 24, 2019


As a Women’s Studies Major I am laughing hard when people cannot comprehend the purpose of the research. I also laugh harder when circumcised men and women who have been psychologically cut point out that I do not have the symptoms that come with being genitally mutilated or impacted by those who have. The behavior has become normalized and mine even when weakened become stronger which showcase my intellectual ability—similar to people who know how to heal from a cold. Imagine bodies who only have colds because of circumcision—especially in the wrong cultural spot. In an academic space there are multiple classes and courses of action. There should be development in all areas and for some reason I am noticing that people whose minds are actually perverted keep aiming to focus on the studies and group formations that deal with the sexual trauma and experiences of women. They notice I speak less in this environment and I pay attention to the lesson because I am not very familiar. The hard part is when people focus on this area they miss out on the fact that if I have to speak about this particular area I would be as metaphorically scary and a Black Republican is to a Black person. The people who invite me to learn with them know this. And my research in that area would be to provide people with healthier experiences, especially because I can now understand why it is there. However, as a leader I do participate in an overall learning experience. And while people focused on how I supported a friends presentation about pornography that occurred in a wide open space—they missed the fact that I am the person that organized in a way that teaches people when they have beat Billionaire Boys by just having a pencil case. The saddest part is knowing that the people making the comments will be reprimanded depending on where they are employed or what they are expected to do in the community. If you know how to use your work space work time and actually do work you would realize that all these things are a part of a work or educational environment. They have 40 hours of employment and missed the 8 hour work day. I have several community service events planned, meetings with major figures and then a 24 hour focus on what I’m learning in regards to the ways women’s bodies have been impacted by systematic practices. Some women are having sexual experiences in the space in their biology and psychology that they would actually fight the men off.  Due to the fact that the women are damaged and participate—women with normal patterns are often brutally attacked and the attacks are spoken about openly to figure out where or why this women is behaving this way. I often laugh as a person who even learned about menstruation before it even occurred to my body. That why is hilarious to me that people cannot realize that whatever is pornography has no impact on educated minds. It looks like something from animal planet—there are some people who would advise certain groups of people not to watch animal planet. I often am saddened by the actions of people who do not realize that going against learning about sex and women’s bodies in an academic space is similar to stating that there should be no meetings that address abolishing slavery. There are people who have no knowledge of what is actually occurring to them because they spend hours watching television and think people who plant at community gardens are wrong. Again as a person who does the larger thinking it is important to be informed about issues in all areas. I would have never learned about the impact of circumcision on women’s minds and behavior. Men are actually cutting women off when they would be the most attracted to them due to the extreme abuse experienced in there genital area. I am happy to have learned prior to being impacted so that I would have the ability to combat the symptoms that may appear in myself. Men have even normalized the sexual abuse. Here is the problem with people wanting a person who gets applause for her comments at panel discussions that she is not sitting on to speak loudly about her experiences learning about sexuality, pornography, rape culture, sex work and the sex industry in public. I would actually address the men and ask them if they feel things like sex toys would benefit their relationship due to the impact of circumcision and employment. When these comments come from a leadership spot that involves a stage or platform—no I cannot see if the person is an abuser or if the women need private space or which pieces would be abusive. I also cannot help if I would have to explain to some women that they have fought against me or my thoughts and showcased that they advocate for sexual abuse to support the men. I will insert that they are probably doing this from aiming to put themselves in relationships from watching television and I would also mention that they women doing this most likely get no attention in any other area. Meaning they are being used similar to a sex doll. At their strongest point, or when I have the access to help them develop further in life someone would accidentally have me in the role that could justify people telling them to ‘have several seats”. Some women are playing roles worse than a mule and do not notice it. I am also a woman who knows that healthy biological bodies go into heat. Some women are suffering embarrassment because that is when most circumcised men and privately humiliating them and making them think something is wrong with their body. That is why it is important to use education, philosophy and everything you have learned to heal and deal with the reality of your life. I have survived psychological disturbances that would be categorized lower than mental retardation and I have been able to witness the behavior and actions of people who suffer in that way and speak unknowingly. I still know to listen to the stories from the weak.  I laugh because the person who knows to sit through presentations on sexuality is in the same person who knows to bring her grandmother dish soap and laundry detergent so her body doesn’t get weak and her mind can experience the euphoria of knowing that it is there. It is also the same part of my brain that can teach someone how to heal from cancer with or without a hospital but knows to wait for some of the attacks to be visible to the person. Also it is in the same vein as knowing that there are adult persons who grew up in the front or back seats of their parent’s employment car and have an identity that is not real from saying “our car”. It is horrifying to grow up and find out the car is for disability or employment. That is why some people’s offspring or people they provide shelter for have not realized to get up and go to work or buy their own lotion or mop the floor. And please be advised that my area of focus is having the data to prove when billionaire boys have failed and someone has succeeded with a pencil case. Lastly, there is something funny about the way someone leads or lives when they have the visual elements of death row and cop chases in person and on television. I see the red tape and I know how to put my toe right at the line when others step on it or cross completely over. I also know when to learn about politics. I'm still practicing for the day I do the streak in front of Walgreen to support breast feeding and also discuss how that is a factor in breast cancer. Can you imagine knowing a man who has a problem with breast feeding has symptoms of starving or complete abuse. And yes the day I run down the street naked with a bunch of successful people to support breast feeding-- I will also be prepared to ignore the commentary from the people who starved to the point that they couldn't even comprehend to eat the food that was being provided in the location it was being provided in. Please notice what has been cut-- from where even if you cannot understand why. And that awkward sensation might be something coming to life inside of you that was dead for a very long time. I once saw a video from a sister of a preacher in a country she was doing work in saying that gay people eat poop. You might metaphorically be that person. Be cautious-- me and my sista's love that person because they prove our point to sound minds. Imagine being that person who cannot realize that they are digging deeper into something taking place in a $400 work/study space. The silly commentary is being heard in the academic and work world that you would want to be apart of.  And the adjustment you would want to make might make you sound like a person who says gay people eat poop-- when you should be at the part of your life that knows that commentary is not geographically or developmentally appropriate. Many times people are not aware that they may be being provided with information that can keep them safe from abuse or a purposeful abuser. They may actually protect this person and fight against the information that will make them happy. I am also a person who ignores arguments that people aim to put me in. No one would want me to have the information that teaches me to stay out of it because they are aiming to look cool by including me. It's a compliment and an insult all in one. They are most likely a little cut. 


FYI: Based on my latest findings in regards to sexuality there are people who are using their phones for masturbation and pornography and not cleaning the phone. They are bringing bacteria into the area and public spaces. And that is why that is important to be acknowledged. They would need to clean their phone-- some people have years worth if microbes fermenting. 

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