A Poem Titled A Toe Job

September 23, 2019

A Toe Job


My real life friend group something like Bone Thugs N Harmony

Manicures, pedicures and flip flops have nothing to do with going somewhere

And I laugh at men who save dog who cannot even make it

Please be sure to disregard me

I am no dog and the man you speak for sold his soul before he came

A true den of thieves

When men who have no money enter sneaker stores and harass paying customers

I am no dog

I love how Jodi Foster writes the words that showcase the trajectory of my life

It’s like walking through a back alley way and knowing to have an anti-rape sign across your chest

There are men who cannot even spell breast, while I go supercalifragilistic

And yes the stories of their lives are atrocious

Did you notice I was walking through the back alley way, when you pulled up

I am the Queen Bee, but you watch too much TV

The man from the corner store knows at 8 year old with more than a dollar

They call me Puffy

Something Like Lady Diddy

But your eyes are closed to the reality

I’m out with the hustlers, the gangsters, the entrapro-n*ggas

Please do not expect me to explain

This man thinks I’m a clown because he developed an identity from watching tv

And the identity is something like me and a few people I know

He argue like someone who has a place for a female to stay sshhhh

And Jodi Foster knows whatever he reports just shows his lack of ability to identify with his own community

You fought me like we are in a back alley

There are no cell phones here even if we carry them

There is no need to read even though we can

And the people around the corner think an afro is sick

Where there school day does not impress mothers and fathers

And religious leaders would want to see what you did with a scripture

--Since you brag about the language of the teacher

Then you would be expected to be an educated preacher

And when homegirls ask what’s up with you being deep in the blue

I’m like I went back to give dap and ran into a dude who can’t see he in my alley way

And me and my friend group

We something like Bone Thugs N Harmony

We Don’t play dress up when we get dressed up

And we free, when we are free

I never leave a location unless I trust someone enough to put me on the streets

It’s like fight night and living right when it co-exist

And it’s the identity crisis that I do not fight against

I know RAD—so I understand the reason for self defense

I also have no qualms about knowing that I happen to be around when a break in occurred

I never panic

Far from satanic

What would you like me to see

I am Bone Thugs N Harmony

And Meeting me at the crossroads

Has no requirement

That’s just what I do

And people choose to say hi when they are the cripple down the street and me, well whoever they are keep making sure I eat

Did you notice that you are alive because someone saved you

I categorize my life like the Dewey Decimal System

No I won’t be entertained by people who copy TV

And yes my Dad brought me to the store to buy cassettes and Cd's

Turn the volume down

I’m Bone Thugs N Harmony

Where phones get handed to you

I laugh at women who cannot see that the men that have left them for dead

Fight violently for a seat at the table

And they sometimes give up that seat

For people who wouldn’t even let them eat

Fathers who would burn you at the stakes

For a plate

I laugh

I often crack up about how someone I know is talking to me around 7:45am

When they are supposed to be gone by 7:15am

Whose doing something awkward—me or you?

I met a guy who does the same thing

Who are you tapping on their shoulder

You shouldn’t be here

Quiet is kept

Well is knowing how to use a Clorox wipe

And yes your employer does care if you put on a little make up

They would enjoy it

I get laughed at with the correct answer


Because I come from places that have back alley ways and I get my hair did

I would have bought you some Pantene because that is the thing to have

You ever see a bunch of people getting in trouble for not buying the things for their life

I mean that promotion, that vehicle you want

Just one decision a way

But they go in the wrong direction

Every time

I’m still Bone Thugs N Harmony

And You can always meet me at the Crossroads

Your comments about me look like a response to someone’s comment on someone’s tabloid post

They think this is the chic to roast

And if I ever had to end up on the streets

I would prefer to hear

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to work we go



I do not have illiterate tears

And people across the world have celebrated with me

Life, like me

Is beautiful 

Interceptions of Faith


That test my pace

Handpicked thongs that are lace

Natural expressions on my face

And I was told that someone cannot see all the extracurricular activities I participate in

And the skill is what we need

Karate is for a reason

I'm a lifetime movie

These chics copy from films of girls like me

I get named fly girl in every nameless scene

I'm everyone's big sister and favorite big cousins person they want to see

I am the center of attention

even when I am just being me

It's like Bone Thugs N Harmony

And I know what section 8 is

And I know a stolen car when it's not fully paid for

I'm not sure why someone wants to beep when they drive by

A misunderstanding of a music video in their eyes 

And I'm still not stupid enough to miss out on my stripper pole

They keep saying a story was told

And I keep doing what I do

I'm an intellectual-- even before a lecturer spoke

And my mom said be careful

Some of the girls who on they grind

Don't see when money for shoes and bags are in the family budget for me

They fight violently

In the wrong direction

And they make excuses for the identity they have developed from over exposure

And do not realize that scented trash bags are the confirmation

Otherwise it's imitation and excuse making

I write-- where others cannot read

Where they do not speak and bow down to men dressed in white

Nat Turner would write about me in a history book

Can you see that is your problem with me

And I have friends who watch gang banger movies and do not see where there employer wants me to send them some make-up

And the books I read are valuable

And a manicure and pedicure is in the budget

They do not see this job is for Starbucks

I'm like Bone Thugs N Harmony 

You can still meet me at the Crossroads







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