A Truth: When Keeping It Real Goes Right. #100

September 3, 2019




I was thinking about the mishaps that occur as a person who has been able to participate in community work and youth development. I'm usually not a complainer and simply fix issues and support people through their life and development. I do not aim to control the route and some people who want to identify as community workers find that problematic. The thing is many community workers do not realize that they have missed major developmental spots in their work and put their young people and community in danger without knowing it. Sometimes the activities, the structure and all the things provided-- that you can add your own flavor to-- are for the young person or community member to be able to properly integrate into their homes and community. Some community workers are missing the steps that are the actual purpose of the particular work they are doing. This may send their young people home as delinquents who look like they didn't learn anything or develop a skill from the program. They may also be in positions that deny them employment or cause them to sit through time frames that they should have learned to be participatory through. If you understand checks and balances you might realize there are other positions, people and constitutes who will deal with the behavior and also notice when a person may not even realize that they have been reprimanded or started a fight -- sometimes going completely against the very thing they should be working towards. 


--I laugh when people think something is phony because I understand a space or circumstance is developmental and multi-resource based. Also the things that people misinterpret. As a person who grew up understanding non-violence approaches and has set themselves apart from violence to practice this behavior without walking into it-- some people cannot understand when they walk into a space that I have clearly separated from why I would slap them to death lol. They would then want to show that behavior and have a lot of people aim to help them see-- also non violently-- how I have set myself apart. This also goes for other people and other activities. Understanding how to work in a community means knowing you do not have to participate in everything and that not condoning something doesn't mean it is wrong in the larger context or you starve a person who does a particular thing. Sometimes you have to roll with the punches. I once read something that said "everyone has the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce" and fell in love. The answer is absolutely. We all have the power to choose what we do with our time. Results are the key. Some people do not realize they are giving push back in the middle of a process, development, experience or experiment. I love my cake metaphor-- it's like noticing that the cake hasn't risen after five minutes and turning the oven off. The worst thing is when some community workers do things that push their young people to attack the people that are there for them to help them eat and progress in society. They start of with an attack-- and I am a person who will point out point blank period where they posed themselves as the opposition. They will also have to get identified as people have shown to the actual opposition where, when and how they will retreat, how they will make errors and who they will actually send the attack. They can also notice when they have put a love of money where there should be nothing but bread and fish feeding the masses. 



Communication or thinking that communication has to deal with words or education is also a life error many people are facing. Some people live through things like the Eugenics Movement when melanin has already been understood and cooning has been eradicated. Even noticing the way people situate how work should be done and when/why. When you grow up in an era where drug users, people with disabilities, etc can be employed it is important to realize that there is a separation in regards to the timing or how their work will be done. How sad when a community worker points out a major sobriety issue that a drug addicted community is facing. Mostly because their young people be having a different result from something they failed to do. 


Here's to community work in true Ida B. Wells, Fredrick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Mary McCloud Bethune, Eleanor Roosevelt, Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fashion.....





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