A Truth: There Is Most Likely A Sociopath In Your Peer Group. "The Don't Call Me Friend Once They Get You In A Public Scene For A Fight Type."

July 30, 2019




Calendars and schedules sometimes confuse today's generation about the duration, longevity or how long things take. A story can be never ending! Sometimes there are changes and developments that have to be made over time or limited to a secluded part of society to avoid pitfalls. I sometimes hear people argue for changes that sound like "we are going to prepare to be pen pals with our terrorist and avoid teaching you what to do if they start throwing rocks at you". My serious but not serious joke. I sometimes leave things unaddressed because I do not see the importance of noticing them. I had a classmate, turned friend, in middle school who had a situation that I pointed out. In my head I was thinking who in the world saw this happening that should have pointed it out. If it is someone close to them saw it and failed to mention it I was thinking that person should be removed. The person could even be a sociopath. Due to the fact I can understand the situation in it's entirety at the time and even know how to identify the language I may move slower than I have to. It also may be really hard to tell someone that someone they are close to is a sociopath, especially when it would be almost impossible for them to get away from the person. As a feminist who can understand that woman have become integrated into male dominant parts of society sometimes woman and girls may begin to notice or have a desire to accumulate material wealth and goods that would have otherwise been out of their jurisdiction. They may be justifying their behavior by masking it with goals and ambition which can sometimes mask sociopath behavior. The person may even start to behave like an actual serial killer who will attack within a friend group or family structure to the point that no one notices until it is almost complete or their plan is in full subconscious attack, they have perfected it and are on auto-pilot. The behavior is probably very noticeable to the people who have always been apart of that sector or developed ways to keep particular elements in place. A person who can see what wealth and access come from a particular lifestyle may fight violently for it. Had they not seen or been exposed they would probably not even desire the item. They desire the emotional response and attention they see go along with such items and behaviors. If you have been impacted by a sociopath keep going forward. Here's some music for all the people following their goals and having real ambition. 





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