A Truth: That Thing About Letting the Cake Cool Off Before Putting On The Frosting.

July 26, 2019



So I totally have been laughing hysterically as I reflect on all the experiences I have been able to have in my life. I decided to create my own life “cake box”. As in, what are the absolute essentials for my life and I mean fill in the blanks for water, oil, butter, flour, made cake mix, sugar or whatever are the necessary ingredients. The fun part is knowing that even if you have been able to identify all the ingredients and supplies that doesn’t mean your cake will taste the best or that you will do a good job making it. Keeping at it and getting better every time you do it is what makes cake boxin’ worthwhile for me. Once you master baking the cake, there is no limit to enhancing the way you do your frosting, sprinkles, and designs. The possibilities are endless. Then what’s better than one day making life choices that allow you to notice you can make egg-less cakes or swap out the oil that your grandmother uses for the oil of your choice and liking. An amazing concept once you can fully comprehend.


……..One of my learning curves have been noticing that everyone cannot read, hasn’t learned to read at the same speed or some people who do actually do not. This is why they might wonder why you are concerned when they use more than a drop of something. Comprehension is also at the next level of reading and learning. There are people who read like a template but may not understand when the consequence is that you will get burned or the metaphorical equivalent. I have many times seen a person doing something that I know will burn them and wondered why. I’ve even said things and sometimes been attacked. The funny part is when they are walking around with burn marks or bandages avoiding all contact with me lol. I had to decide in my life which part of the interaction I would like to eliminate. I know for my personal sanity actualizing my experience of being around non-readers and “comprehenders” is the first step. I also have learned to regulate my emotional reactions and put them in the right location. Some people really have to slip and fall to learn. My satirical commentary such as “most people who started using crack where put on it and didn’t know what it would do, or didn’t know what it meant to be addicted, or what it meant to overdose. Also some dealers didn’t know this information either…” is typically met with resistance. The thing is the person I am speaking usually doesn’t realize that they have said something equally annoying to me by initiating conversation in the first place. Whatever I am doing is most likely not engaging in crack or removing the behavior or likelihood of those extreme ignorance spots.


Something else that will help me improve my cake box’ is growing developmentally in areas people would want to call mistakes. They are simply aspects of life and living. For instance, as a kid I would always go to a difference bus stop than the one I was assigned and also as I got older miss the bus and walk to school without mentioning anything. This is due to a perception and navigation skill. I’m checking for distance between my living space and each stop, noticing that I can make the walk and get to school on my own without interrupting because I know how. Can I see at that point in time why the bus stops are assigned a particular way or that I will experience abnormal fatigue because no one knows I am walking a “far distance” very often when I should have behaviors of being on the bus.  The funny thing is how these situations get dealt with and how I get to learn how I am impacted socially. This helps me to make decisions that showcase what I would like to participate in. Here I am a kid who may appear missing—that walks to school and not some other location. I have also learned that adults can miss out on other experiences due to the mix ups that may be associated with my curiosity, navigation and perception. The breaking point is when some people I’ve built relationships with on this journey end up going in a completely other direction. When we get to the finish line they always wonder why I pick up books and I wonder why they pick up “fill in your own blank here”.


As I continue cake boxin’ I am happy to know I am implementing strategies for my own behaviors, my own desires, the things I enjoy and building my skill of persistence and resilience along the way. What is mandatory for you? Focus on your flavor!

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