Exploring Music and Video Content.

March 15, 2019

I was listening to some music and decided to briefly explore the core concepts and messages being sent through the songs and also the music video. What story is being told, what information being sent, what questions are being asked. In addition how do different songs communicate among each other. What are the intersecting stories and how can they be used in correlation to each other. I chose a few songs and music videos that I think anyone who would read this blog would be interested in listening to and exploring. I included my own personal brief notes. 


Selena Gomez- Hands to Myself



What is the message that is being sent about not being able to keep your hands to yourself?

Is this person being possessive or aggressive? 

Is this interaction consensual prior to not being able to keep your hands to yourself?

Does the time commitment pose some form of deception? Was this person being led on?

Why are you trying to keep your hands to yourself? Do you recognize this as a problem behavior to the other person, nervousness, practicing self control or just flirting?



Khalid- Talk


Asking questions and providing dialogue in a literate discussion/community.

Noticing body language and behavior that showcases a message has been well received.

Positive self-expression

Providing an acknowledgment about the other persons feelings if they are offended by what is being expressed



Steve Aoki- Why Are We So Broken


What makes this person broken or this situation a disaster? From whose lens?

What is the definition of broken in this context? 

Why do you want to know about this person? What are the next steps?

If you didn't have the time would this person still be a priority?



Mona Haydar- Barbarian


Discussion of name calling and labeling

Celebrating and claiming identity and culture

Calling out people who aim to "pass" with skin color to receive goods and privileges specified for "their" community 

Establishing boundaries

Humor and honesty

Viewing life through the proper lens and not the lens of the colonizer (maybe there is some infiltration/ the need for trash talking as a response)

Calls to action

Recognizable language for the demographic being spoken to

Decolonizing beauty standards

Questioning whether these are ones actual thoughts and feelings or ones that come from being colonized


Cardi B and Bruno Mars- Please Me

Positive asks and responses

Teaching what words to use to move forward and honor with the request

Celebrating healthy sexual relations and communication that may have been perverted by other entities

Positive self-expression



Lil Debbie- Michelle Obama

Freedom of speech

Celebrating unity across race and style of expression

Able to spread a message to a wider audience



Remy Ma- Melanin Magic

Celebrating skin and complexion that may have been dismissed due to migration, integration and merging of cultures, or being overtaken in times of war

Positive content about body image and physical features 

Announcing who and what you are positively



Teyana Taylor- Undercover


Deciphering friends input on relationships. Is this jealousy or ill informed

Is this condoning cheating or discussing an open relationship that someone wants to conclude


Beyonce- Grown Woman

Reaching goals and dreams

Moving through the next stages of development

Speaking up for oneself

The ability to make choices 






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