Moving Forward With Minimalism.

June 5, 2018


My minimalism journey has been tough but exciting. Getting the hang of it requires patience and focus. Minimalism doesn't just affect material items. it affects behaviors, relationships, the timing of things and so much more. It requires commitment, dedication and the ability to be kind to ourselves as we run into to new pieces of ourselves and minimize pieces of ourselves that might not have been so positive. 


After ridding myself of a lot of items that i barely use and making purchases much less. minimalism has taught me about who I am and my style. It has also taught me how to stop wasting on the "in the mean time in between time". For me, many things that I like might seem expensive at some points. During my minimalism journey I've practically stopped drinking coffee or eating when I'm bored. The money I save on that keeps me from saying that the soap I want to purchase from a local Black owned business is expensive. After being taking inventory of my life and being patient it's become the only soap I purchase. There also seems to be less distortion in my style of clothing. Sometime we get lazy or say things like "well this is just for work". I'm noticing that I only pick up the items I really want and aim to shop when the price of it won't matter. 


I have also picked up smarter habits. I have a favorite pair of boots that are over $100 and the heel is weakening. The practice of patience and minimalism has made me focus on taking them to  a shoe repair shop rather than throwing them out. I can still get a new pair but they are in good shape and can last me a lifetime. I have also created a style for my down time. This way items that I wear when i am going to someplace specific aren't "wasted" when they aren't necessary to have on. 


it has also helped em to organize. I've been throwing out socks as soon as I cant find the other one. Who cares if you find it later. I buy a new pack and keep better track of them, as the clutter in my mind is also minimized. 


Once you clear out the clutter and items that aren't really "you" take inventory and when you make purchases make more solid purchases. Minimalism helped me realize I like shopping at Victoria Secret and made me stop those trips to Target for a pack of Hanes. Another person practicing minimalism might realize they should run to Target and get a pack. I've realized how affordable the things I want are as I've taken my time and realized how much of something I really need. So if you've been practicing it and are down to a few outfits and shoes. Start shopping, smarter and better. Try not to shop in bulk. Also know when to let go of an item you already have. 


I love heels, Puma's and Bebe. Now that I've rid myself of some items that is what is sticking out to me. I've even been more patience with simple things like cleaning supplies. The brand I like and think works best might be the "expensive" one. it also might be the one that minimizes how many you buy over an extended period of time based on it's strength. 


It takes time and repetition until it becomes a habit. minimizing doesn't mean depriving. Learn to get the things you want and you will attract the things that keep them coming. 

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