Good Vibes Only: Eliminating the Guilt of Self Care.

February 21, 2018




Many of us brag about being overworked and over scheduled. Self-care practices can often be met with guilt, shame and resistance.


Should you feel guilty about self-care? Not at all. Each of us has the ability to insert self-care habits and practices into our lifestyles. Whether or not we acknowledge this or do this for ourselves is a personal problem. People will get upset when they see you enjoying yourself and making time for yourself. They will go out their way to take this self-care time away from you. They will put more energy into killing your self-care than developing their own self-care habits and routines. Be mindful of this. 


Just do it anyway. Do it over and over and over.


The best self care I ever experienced was doing yoga in the park during my lunch break when I worked in New Jersey. I felt my body move in a way I never experienced and heard my heart whisper love as the world opened up to me. I felt a hereditary knee problem, yet to manifest, flee from my body. 


Self-care is a right, a justice and in my life an automatic. It’s my pistol that kills all the hate and negative vibes. Negative vibes and energy is contagious-- it can spread like a cancer. Self care is a prevention, a restoration, a healing and a reactor. 


 You think you don't have time for it-- make the time. Start choosing you and choose you over and over again. Can caring for others be apart of your self care-- yes. Do you have the ability to maneuver in a way that your self care habits to not impede on others-- yes. Do you eliminate your self care or the people who are offended by your ability to know your worth, the worth of self care and watch you pay the price without complaint. Self care is nothing to complain about, its something to enjoy. Self care can feel awkward when you first start if you are unused to it. The more you care for yourself the more former pieces of you will die, energies will be removed and you may find yourself around a completely new environment. Can this be a painful removal, of course. Self care is like going to the gym. If you want the results you have to do it again and again. The process isn't just in the gym-- its in your meal plan, your routine-- self care is the same in its transnational properties and impact on your life. 


Does self care have to be expensive, not at all. Reroute your thoughts, evict unwanted mental guest and get your self care on! 


I was watching a kids show with my son that discussed forcing bad germs out of your system. I began to think of negative energy and bad self care habits as germs that I need to get rid of. Keeping in mind my awareness of things such as empathy I decided instead of force out the "germs" I would use the art of persuasion. I'm persuading the bad vibes and energy to leave. 


Things to do:


1. Identify what self care looks like for you

2. Tell someone your needs and desires

3. Give yourself permission

4. Know your worth-- or keep discovering it

5. Live


Start your self care now. 

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