March 14, 2020



Sitting up right

You in a school daze

That you should get out

You saying things about me

That are making things appear

That would be kept out my eye sight

For you to be aware

Yes I did, yes I do

Share space well and be nice to the likes of you

I can say this but I a...

March 13, 2020


There goes that story over my head

I'm sure it is true what she said

Ride out shorty

That's your man

Fight for his love

The best you can

That's your business

It was left at that


March 13, 2020

You been watching money on a screen

Seen cash given for food while on the baby scene

You see well dressed, pull ups and baby wipes

You aiming to steal from people who aren’t dress themselves in that time

How you feel now

What you feel before free hugs

When a family would giv...

March 13, 2020

This is not

A parasite

What you see is what you get

You looking for something I beget 

Something that has yet to arise

Or you saw me in it one time

This is not the parasite

There is work to do

How you interpret 

Something someone about to do

How you teach nine

How you reach mine


March 13, 2020

I'm like lingerie 

My chic be like nah

Front page news she ain't wearing a bra

Free weed she ain't never around

Buy a bag from a kid, she supporting now

About to take away some things

But almost doesn't count

I'm like yichi yichi yaya

She always makes sense

Then we put on a dif...

March 13, 2020

What you mean why I'm rushing

I'm responding in real time

To a real life request

One that should teach you

One that should reach you

Hesitate for what

How you back down a response team

So someone could wait for you to get up

Only to see the answer is I don't want to

Or I need t...

March 13, 2020

Who left out?

I'm sleeping, beauty

I'm tasty

You hasty

I'm beautiful when you a cutie

Trying to remove me

Because of what is known

When I sleep, I was sleeping alone

All of a sudden everything seems cuddly

I'm in extended view

I been the boss

I was sleeping, beauty

Keep telling me...

March 13, 2020

This my spin

On something called

The Eugenics Movement

I'm just like

How can't she see

How to show up

Cause Lil Scruffy

Happens to be around

On his homeboy haircut day

Or when he wears the new shoes he got for his birthday

How you can't see the King coming

And everyone plays thei...

March 12, 2020

Some of ya'll getting tricked

Some of ya'll can't see

The girl with the natural that can't afford a perm or weave

Or family said no

Because they know what it is

Only to have their heartbroken

At what this chic just did

Then gone go out acting

And can't keep it up

Laid out in an...

March 12, 2020

Yes you

Yes that's who I'm trippin' on

I'm trying to see what you are about

You got it going on

My eye balls rollin'

Because of what I will not do

Squat these knee's and smile at.....

Can't even comment

My eyes still cannot see

They rollin'

That's how it's going to be

Please reload